Louisville Male High School Alumni Association


First site – 1856 – 1897 – Ninth and Chestnut

This building was the first home of Louisville Male High School on its opening day, April 7, 1856. The school grew toan enrollment of over 200 young men. The first principal was W. H. Harney. He served in this prestigious position from 1856-1857. The most noteable principal at this first site was Maurice “Hoss” Kirby. For eleven years, 1886-1897, Kirby dedicated his time  and talents to the position of principal.

The first two graduates of Male High School in 1859 were Lewis D. Kastenbine (who later became a physician in Louisville) and James S. Pirtle (later became a prominent Louisville judge). The first football game was played in 1893 (Male vs. Manual) with Male beating Manual 14-12. This marked the beginning of what is today the oldest high school rivalry in America.

Second Site – 1898-1915 – First Street near Chestnut

Two of this sites’ most noteable prinicpals are Rueben Post Halleck (1897-1912) and S.B. Tinsley (1912-1915). It was at this location that Male received its first International recognition. At the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missioui, a Gold Medal for excellence was given to only 5 schools in the world. Male was the only high school in America to receive this Medal.

Also at this location, High School Park was established at the later Male Brook & Breckinridge school site. This was the first high school athletic facility in America. It has been in continuous use since 1901.

Third Site – 1915-1991 – Corner of Brook Street and Breckinridge Avenue

Male continued to receive many awards of excellence during its tenure at the famed Brook and Breck location. The band and orchestra received state and national championship awards in 1927. The journalism and physics department have received national awards as well as a 1989 American High School of Excellence Award. The gymnasium completed the high school facilities in 1939 with its official title, “Pap Glenn Gymnasium” and the High School Park was renamed Maxwell Field. Noteable principals at this location include J.B. Carpenter (1919-1931), W.S. Milburn (1931-1961), Dr. Irvin Rice (1977-1979), and R. Ted Boehm (1979-1992).