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Louisville Male Traditional High School

When a school has grown up in a community and has served that community for over a hunderd and fifty years, through wars, peace, floods, droughts, and through gloom and depression. it has accumulated much tradition and has earned a place in the homes and hearts of the people.

Such a school is the Louisville Male High School, the direct lineal descendent of the¬†University of Louisville known as Jefferson Seminary which opened its doors in 1816. Until 1923 “Louisville Boys High School” High School Degrees and College Bachelor’s degrees.

In 1856 the school moved from the University of Louisville’s campus and became know as Louisville Male High School, part of the Jefferson County Publie School System.

Louisville Male High School, Durrett Campus on Preston Highway

Entrance to Louisville Male High School at the Durrett Campus

Entrance to the Jay Levine Athletic Complex

Sallie Phillips Durrett Auditorium at Male High School